VM is a Contemporary
Applicational Art

Pattern production has been worked with different talented artists for many years. We understand that artist needs to be emphasis in an mall/event decoration. However, that is more important to know how to put the art with other aspects such as brand collaborations.

They would be request to design a concept or scenario fit for the mall, holidays and brands to make the collaboration. The benefit is the brand can ratise their brand image and tell people they are not only produce for money, we are making ART.

GAO Lijun

Papercraft Artist


For Gao Lijun, the floral art works are a swift, instant creation.
Since 2003, the company she serves has worked with dozens of international and domestic first-tier brands.
She and her team provide floral or decorative windows, or make props, or special holiday gifts for these brand customers ...

Over the decades of her career, Gao Lijun has won wide recognition from clients for her creativity, dedication, and character.


Min Sunyoung

Painting Artist

Since arriving in France in 2006, Korean Artist Sunyoung Min has focused her expansive creative practice on images of flora intuitively rendered in acrylic on canvas. “EVERYTHING IS EXPRESSED THROUGH FLOWERS,” she says, as the passage of time. Formally emphasizing the gulf between jeunesse and maturity, sun young min pushes some parts of the canvas to a very high finish while leaving others only just beginning.

Judson Beaumont

Sculpture Artist

was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in 1960. He came to Vancouver, BC to study art at Capilano College, completing his studies at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design. He graduated from their 3-D department in 1985 and that same year founded Straight Line Designs Inc., creating one-of-a-kind furniture pieces and commissions.  Jud began with doing hard-edged, geometrical, straight pieces; after five years of that, Jud got really bored.  He decided to shake it up and try something different.

Judson’s approach to design was primed by an instructor in art school who challenged Jud to do whatever he wanted for a sculpture project.  This turned his mind inside out: until then, Judson had believed that in order to design and build anything, you had to get a set of instructions from a book or a magazine. He had always assumed that someone else had to come up with the ideas and then he was supposed to build it that way.

Potential Artist to work with...

Francesco Lietti

Painting Artist

Francesco Lietti has been living in Hong Kong since early 2006 and his love of this vibrant, eclectic city is immediately apparent in his works, which derives from the mnemonic imagery of the artist, who lives in symbiosis with the themes of travel and discovery.

When first visiting Hong Kong in the summer of 2005, the painter experienced an overwhelming sensation: fascinated by the variety of colours, the rich smells and the plethora of images, he was drawn to return and stay.

Joanna Blair

Fine Artist

Joanna Blair is an artist of extraordinary versatility with a profound sensitivity and skill for capturing a moment of time; its atmosphere, energy, movement, mood and more, through a masterly range of techniques and use of colour. 

“Eschewing formal art courses or university I tried being mentored in turn by two private tutors, but after the initial flurry of excited, I grew frustrated at not being able to freely develop my own style, being restricted discovery subject matter and having to conform to someone else’s ideas. Once I decided to let my heart take over and rely solely on my own talent, it seemed to unleash a huge creative force which takes me in any number of directions!

Leah Poller

Sculpture Artist

Leah Poller is a figurative artist working in bronze. Classically trained at the prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux Arts of Paris where she resided for 20 years, Poller participated in a rich, multi-cultural environment, interacting with foremost members of the international arts communities of France, Spain, Italy and Latin America. Her singular approach to her subject matter was forged by this international experience. She has been featured on tv, and in numerous art publications. She has lectured extensively and held workshops on creativity. 

Sobrane Simcock 

Urban Art Artist 

Sobrane uses a mix of mediums to create her large scale works on linen, techniques fostered whilst attending Red Gate Arts Residency in Beijing 2 years ago.

Sobrane magically transforms pigments of spray paint, inks, enamel, pastels and charcoal into her renown, beautifully created lifelike pieces. Sobrane loves to articulate her expression onto linen in an uninhibited joyous manner. 

Vika Kova 

Multimedia / Video Artist

Striving for balance is the impetus behind Kova’s state of artistic mind, her works and projects. Kova’s background and experiences have led her to the ultimate exploration of these topics.

Born in Vladivostok (USSR), Vika Kova grew up in Germany. Back to Russia, after graduating arts & music from Moscow Conservatory, she moved to Holland becoming a successful singer, DJ, performer and later, a multimedia /video artist. As an international DJ, Kova stood out in a profession dominated by men. This experience triggered her interest in gender issues within social, and cultural frameworks; and directly influenced her identity as an artist.


Gallery in South Korea

Space 1326 is situated in a popular spot among rising artists in Korea since 2012. The gallery pursues characters and diverseness instead of following trends. 


gallery in NewYork

Space776 Residency program is located in the center of Bushwick, Brooklyn beside the Space776 Gallery. Residency artists can live and work in the location for a 3 months to 6 months term. Participating artists have monthly open studio meetings with Space776. We will also record a video documentary featuring an artist interview about their work. Along with many other opportunities to showcase their work, such as a chance to show their new works at the Space776 Gallery.

Woo Young-Sook

Painting Artist 

Woo firmly believes that Korean art and culture have potential in the international level. Traditional yet diverse patterns and paintings can be applied in various designs, handicrafts, textiles, and even digital arts. These versatile Korean arts can range from fine arts to commercial art. She is excited to develop her works in a lot of ways, such as creation of cultural artworks with the local communities, design arts, and modernisation works of Traditional arts.

Hyunae Kang

Sculpture Artist 

Kang, who majored in sculpture at Ewha Womans University 's University of Fine Arts and Music, has been portraying the creator' s presence in nature as a believer. She participated in the Korean National Art Competition and the Contemporary Sculpture Competition of the Republic of Korea. She participated in the Palm Springs International Art Fair in 1993 and has been active in various exhibitions.

Kang expresses the beauty of nature that easily passes through everyday life with sculptures made of bronze stone trees.

Lydia Moawad

Painting Artist 

Lydia Moawad (1965) is considered as one of the most contemporary Lebanese renowned artist painters. Her paintings were auctioned and sold in the "Modern Art Show Arabian Wings 4" September 2014, in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah) among the paintings of Picasso, Vangogh, Fateh El Mudaress and many others.
She has exhibited widely in Tokyo, Berlin, New York, Austria, Rotterdam, Florence, Paris, Milan, Kuwait, Dubai, Qatar, Amman and Museum of Agadir. Lydia Moawad has been decorated with several Medals of honour and Certifications for her work in Lebanon and Abroad.