VM is a Contemporary
Applicational Art

Kim Minsu

Artist Kim Minsu studied Western Painting at the University of Daegu and completed her PhD in Plastic Art. Currently, she travels between China and Korea and actively works as an Artist.


Her work is not limited to painting. She has been working on various work including fashion design, handicraft, art toy and installation art. At the moment, she is working on the process of modernization of Korean traditional painting which reflects her 'Wish' of wealth and honor for human being. 

Sobrane Simcock

International Australian wildlife artist

Sobrane uses a mix of mediums to create her large scale works on linen, techniques fostered whilst attending Red Gate Arts Residency in Beijing 2 years ago.

Sobrane magically transforms pigments of spray paint, inks, enamel, pastels and charcoal into her renown, beautifully created lifelike pieces. Sobrane loves to articulate her expression onto linen in an uninhibited joyous manner.

Leah Poller

International Australian wildlife artist

Leah Poller is a figurative artist working in bronze. Classically trained at the prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieure de Beaux Arts of Paris where she resided for 20 years, Poller participated in a rich, multi-cultural environment, interacting with foremost members of the international arts communities of France, Spain, Italy and Latin America.  Her singular approach to her subject matter was forged by this international experience.

She has been featured on tv, and in numerous art publications.   She has lectured extensively and held workshops on creativity.

Park Seung Man

An artist based space located in the young and energetic Bushwick area, SPACE 776 is a community gallery space for local artists and international artists working on a wide range of diverse projects.

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That involves trends visual art, installation art, props display and environmental decoration in a store, an event and a mall that elicits a unforgettable image of the brand & festivals, gets customers' attention.