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Hong  Kong  Visual  Merchandising  Art  Association was found since 1st Oct, 2016 by Chan Siu Ming, Founder & Managing Director of Pattern Production Ltd.

The objects of HKVMAA :
- to provide and compile the visual arts information, having regard to the schools’ circumstances
- to set forth the yearly educational and/or vocational training plan
- to establish study centers for exchanges of information and ideas
- to help foster and organize academic activities in schools
- to advance interactions and integration with different local tertiary education providers
- to support and sustain the local visual arts education development

Foreword from Founder


While Ming has explored the modeling display market since his career beginnings in 1990’s the vision has remained the same: To provide the most practical and tasteful designs, and use the most effective production methods possible in realising ideas. The medium for him began as insect  models, trended as props display and design, matured as visual merchandising (VM). Looking back, We can confidently say that his beginnings have largely shaped who we are today, his circumstance have been penetrating and his success have led the VM field beyond our prospect.

Visual merchandising in particular bridges the gap between marketing, design and production. Over time, Ming, Terence and their fellows have learned to adopt a working style that takes all three of these disciplines into equal consideration. As the VM marketing grew, above philosophy is spreading in the field whilst accumulated experience is provided to counterparts, manufacturer, postgrad students, etc., enable them to stay ahead. That’s why Ming and his fellows are willing to establish HKVMAA.

Today, HKVMAA start running. We provide our experience to local students and international counterparts. We continue to believe that the expression of meaningful concepts, effective communication of ideas, and mastery of mediums are essential for good creative work; to understand this is to understand the essence of VM market.

We are a new association that along with VM market developing, and most importantly of all, we know that we can always contribute more. No matter what knowledge we share or who we share with, we believe there is always a way to search a win-win situation. We are proud to be able to share our expertise with the students and counterparts. We are enthusiastic about what we can achieve in the future.

Ming Chan,
Founder & Managing Director (Left)

Terence Chong,
Operation Director (Right)

According to association concept, he is committed 
to contributing to the education of Hong Kong

and leading the students in the visual arts industry 
and cultivating a new generation of visual artists. 

What's New

HKDI X HKVMAA paper flower workshop class

January 21, 2018

Paper flower artist - Miss Cao came to HKDI Kwun Tong campus and had a workshop of making a paper flower. 

Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) VM Knowledge Exchange Talk

November 19, 2017

Sally Pang is secretary-general of HKVMAA, who has 20 years experiences in visual merchandising field. Previously worked in Bally as regional manager. She is now responsible for all matters concerning VM knowledge exchange.

HKVMAA Christmas Soft Launch

December 31, 2016

Hong Kong Visual Merchandising Art Association (HKVMAA) was established in 2016 and it is the first society dedicated to the conservation between students and world-famous brand. HKVMAA has been recognized as an education and info-sharing organization


December 31, 2016

An investment fund provides a broader selection of investment opportunities, greater management expertise and lower investment fees than investors might be able to obtain on their own.

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