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{ BLOOM IN MAY } Mother's Day 2019 @ Elements Water Zone

May 10, 2019

To celebrate Mother's Day in 2018, students of the Higher Diploma in Event and Exhibition Design organized handcrafted floral creations in collaboration with the Hong Kong Visual Merchandising Art Association(HKVMAA), held at HKDI Design Boulevard, this collaboration not only demonstrated the student's enthusiasm and creativity, but also invited members of the public to share the joy of this special celebration.

This year, the collaboration returns under the theme of 'Bloom in May", giving students the inspiration and space they need to showcase their creative visual art concepts and boundless creativity. This coursework is also the first time that the program's Year 1 students have co-operated with industry veterans. Using the theme of Mother's Day and handcrafted flowers as key design concepts, the coursework has offered students a fantastic opportunity to actualize their ideas and creativity. The entire process has covered research, design, drawing, model making and project presentations. 

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