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Fiori Pattern

​Brings You the Splendid Flower Arrangements &
Flower Gifts in Window Display & Brands Events 
Delight Your Dear Ones in the most Spectacular

​Pattern’s flower arrangement works dates back 2003, producing for the interior display of various luxury brands and equally, as decoration for event venues.  Our first few works included an in-store fresh flower display for Louis Vuitton, Shenzhen Hongtong Vehicle and the showroom of the house of Shenzhen Xinghe Dandi Townhouse .  

In 2009, CHANEL created a beautiful window with handcraft paper flowers. Pattern was inspired to the further development of this mode with the use of various different kinds of materials and techniques.  Handcrafted flowers were then created with the use of origami paper, washi (Japanese paper), printing and embossing.  Besides paper, such flowers were also created using silk, EVA, fiberglass, metallic sheet, which were widely used in displays, store windows, wedding halls and various other venues.

2015 was a turning point for Pattern as we became an appointed handcrafted paper flower supplier of H&M. Our work for the grand opening windows of the Melbourne flagship, in the heritage GPO Building, were met with such success that it helped us form an even closer relationship with H&M and the participation of the H&M Home projects.


With the increasing demand and the mastery of our technique, handcrafted paper flowers became a product that transcended its use as only a window display, entering a new era that functioned in our everyday daily life.  They can be incorporated into lightings, framings, stationaries, birthday/festival gifts, jewelry and chocolate packaging, or any DIY product that you can make freely.

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