Mannequins & Hangers

We Customized to your needs with the ABS mannequins 

We provide top quality mannequins in two versions: polyurethane (PU) and fiberglass — all are the results of a perfect harmony between human craftsmanship and modern machine. To cater for your ideas, each mannequin is individually designed and modeled by a sculptor using clay at any level of details required, from a simple storefront dummy to fully life-like figure.

Nowadays, products and services has been recognized by a number of international brands such as Adidas, Bally, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Valentino etc.

Molding Workshop - Germany

The sculptor’s creative process begins with a briefing session with the customer. And creating molding in Germany workshop. Prototype next reaches the manufacturing facility in China. Molds for its series are then produced.

Workshop and production line