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Here is Our Working Process
  • Step 01 - Mood board / proposal
    We will make some research and ideas
  • Step 02 - Material Sample / Test Print
    We supply material samples and small quantities of inspiring materials.
  • Step 03 - Design / Engineering
    Design Elements including color, Lighting, , material, props, size, textual style & mannequins etc. Engineering structure is an arrangement and organization of interrelated elements in a material object or system, or the object or system so organized.
  • Step 04 - Prototype
    In prototype-based processing, an object that is intended to be cloned to create similar objects which may then be modified independently and/or cloned themselves. Prototypes are an integral part of the new product development process as they help validate a design, structure, test features and conduct trials. Prototyping can enable hands-on user feedback and provide invaluable knowledge ahead of manufacturing.
  • Step 05 - Production
    After revision of design/ Engineering, mass Production which depend on an original prototype are copied or developed.
  • Step 06 - Quality Test
    A quality test is a process by which you review and evaluate an element of the product to ensure that they meet certain standards.
  • Step 07 - Delivery
    The product can easily be exported from HK, with worldwide delivery!
  • Step 08 - Installation
    We will arrange our production team to install.
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