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圖案 製作虛擬機和創意服務 

Pattern Production 由陈兆銘於 2002 年 6 月 1 日(國際兒童節)創立。 (“圖案”的中文字面意思是“百子”)

“在Pattern之前,我們在幾家百貨公司製作和銷售昆蟲模型。這是我們第一個成功的產品,顯然引起了銷售和營銷的注意並開始為他們製作道具,然後做品牌展示,道具製作業務。 “,Pattern Production 的創始人兼 CCO Chan Siu Ming 說。

我們嚴格而精確的時間表和銷售流程可以確保每一步都按時完成。我們同樣精通營銷、設計和製作,讓我們能夠超越工作方式的限制,將 2D 作品轉化為 3D 作品、手工作品和道具,為客戶提供充實而有意義的服務。



Props Production

Design a special props to attract customer attention is a very important thing. Our design team can absorb the latest trend and provide a fashionable functional props with material detail support.

Window Displays

Provide design, production, installation and dismantle support to crate a creative modern window with high quality standard.

Events & Roadshows

​Stand out and develop a unique identity is the gimmick. We provide a completed service include design, production, installation and dismantle to give our client more space focus on their branding work.


On-time accurate installation service to deliver a premium window service to client.

Mall Décor

We provide an excellent and reliable team to create fantastic and vibrant design, a experienced professional factories support to produce high quality props. Offering a amazing decoration with safest structure to customer.

VM Services

A specific team in charge and propose a professional ideas and concept on instore /window arrangement, give clients a perfect area to promoting their precious product.

Flower Arrangement

A major common décor of lux brand, Fiori Pattern is a handcrafted paper-flower brand that produced by our professional florists. Fresh flower arrangement for occasional event is also welcomed.

VM Tools

Giving advise on material and structure. Produce a precise great quality VM tools for instore use.

Pattern Office
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