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A whole complete services from design to global delivery and installation for window and in store props. Continuously work with and maintain the relationship to clients.


The Sculptor’s Atelier
Mix of plaster, kraft paper, water, sand, paint & CNC techniques to create a sculpture to looks like a work in progress as if the sculpture is part way through to revealing the face.


Inspiration of firecrackers.
The skewers of chilis are shaped like firecrackers that usually lit during the Lunar New Year celebration.
Abundant Chilli display of Lunar New Year gesture to shar

Gift Boxes Window
Personified gift boxes holding smaller gift boxes can feature all sorts of festive / seasonal merchandise.

Christmas Blooming
Concept from client festival merchandises to create giant 3D props with an effect of blooming / blasting / firework explosion from the props.


Follows the projects brief using natural materials to creates a handcrafted visual impact windows with woven nests, rope, pebbles and fabric wrapping furniture

Papercraft peacock & flamingo and floral deco props.

Mid-Autumn Festival Window featuring handcrafted lotus flowers and dragonflies with illuminated moon.

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