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Handcraft is always a major aspect for decorations. We have developed features with use of various materials & techniques which are widely used in windows, instore display, mall decorations, events…

One of the 2023 in Hong Kong Xma's magnificent display, to create this enchanting scene, Our team's utilized various materials and techniques. Exquisite laser cutting has been employed to craft intricate flowers, laces, butterflies, and logo charms. Each element has been meticulously handcrafted


Follows the projects brief using natural materials to creates a handcrafted visual impact windows with woven nests, rope, pebbles and fabric wrapping furniture


Based on client concept design to develop and producing the Xmas tree &
hanging deco using dried flowers, fruits & pine leaf and artificial flowers

Follow the design concept to develop & produce a giant handcraft paper art crown prop using layered paper and 3D sculpture to create a various element and incorporate different textures & materials to highlight the art work

Based on the pop up counter walls panels graphics hand making a dimensional tiger, birds flowers & leaves using paper

According to client concept design to develop handcraft paper art dragon prop and with the movement effects on the body used 3 different kinds of papers making the dragon for global CNY window to display jewellery

According to client mock up pictures and drawing. provide a well complication guideline and production for these giant handcraft props. They all 100% handmade (include cutting, assembly, and rod painting. Provide structure report, packing and install guideline. All material should be no PVC and serious toxic material. Have special art team help the whole research, developing and producing process.

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