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A whole complete services from design to execute and installation for mall decorations.

ChongQing IFS

ChongQing IFS CNY 2020

We are honored to be invited by WE Studio and work together on this CNY paper-art project, this campaign is collaborate with an Artist, Jiang Bin, create a Chinese New Year art installation with unique Chinese classical style and world-leading artistic vision. we participated in develop and production process in this project and we are proud of this paper-art work.

TKO Plaza

Easter 19

Create the ambience and atmosphere using paper crafted flowers and silk flowers creating an Easter Spring blossom garden. Modify the motor car to become a florist stand.


Wizard of Oz

Collaboration with Artist - Judson Beaumont from Canada.

Pop corn

Rabbit Chess Easter

designed different types of rabbit and using different materials to apply on the fiberglass figure


Weaving a warm Christmas

While many of the projects we talked about illustrated our implementation and execution abilities, we have the caliber for creative design from scratch.



incredible journey exprerience by creating a giant Papinee Owl from England, Deer from New York, Cat from Japan, each animal have paired with famous landmarks from their homelands.

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